Hwa Rang

2nd Gup
Red Belt pattern

Named after the Hwa-Rang youth group which originated in the Shilla Dynasty about 1350 years ago. This group eventually became the actual driving force for the unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. The 29 moves refer to the 29th Infantry Division where the Tae Kwon-Do developed into maturity. Grand Master Han Cha Kyo, created this pattern on the authorization of General Choi himself.

Ready Posture – Closed ready stance, hands in “C” position

1. Begin falling to the left, keeping body otherwise motionless, then move left leg to form a sitting stance and make a left palm heel strike.
2. Hold position right front punch
3. Hold position left front punch
4. 1/4 turn right, back stance twin block
5. Hold position, left upset punch, right fist ending near left shoulder
6. Slide right foot forward into fixed stance, right side punch
7. Slide right foot back to closed back stance, right downward knife-hand
8. Step forward with left foot, into walking stance, left front punch,
9. 1/4 turn left, walking stance left down block,
10. Step forward, right walking stance , right front punch,
11. Slide left foot forward to closed stance with body 1/4 turn left, bring right fist into left palm (so as to pull opponent off balance with captured right arm) and right side kick
12. Bring right leg down to back stance, right knife-hand strike ( palm down)
13. Step forward into left walking stance, front punch,
14. Step forward into right walking stance front punch,
15. 3/4 turn left, left back stance , knife-hand guarding block,
16. Step forward right walking stance , right fingers spear thrust,
17. 1/2 turn left, left back stance knife-hand guarding block,
18. Right roundhouse kick, place foot forward forming back stance,
19. Left roundhouse kick, place foot forward forming a back stance and a knife-hand guarding block,
20. 1/4 turn left, pivoting on right foot, walking stance , left down block
21. Pull right foot back forming a back stance, right reverse punch,
22. Right foot step forward, back stance reverse punch left hand
23. Left foot step forward into back stance, right hand reverse punch
24. Left foot steps forward into walking stance , low section X-block,
25. Slide forward but turn body 1/2 turn left to near-closed stance, simultaneously executing reverse elbow strikes with both elbows, ending with left fist at belt level.
26. 1/4 turn left, simultaneous left down block and right outside forearm block, closed stance
27. Simultaneous right down block and left outside forearm block, closed stance
28. Shift forward to back stance, left knife-hand guarding block
29. 1/2 turn right, step forward into back stance , right knife-hand guarding block,

Right foot returns to ready stance position