Leadership in Action Homework

For Parents,
Why We Have Leadership in Action Goals

We distribute the “Leadership in Action” (LIA) forms to all of our future Black Belt Leaders. The purpose of these forms is to encourage the young people to bring the leadership concepts of martial arts, known as the Tenets of Taekwon-do, into their homes and school lives.

The traditional Tenets of Taekwon-do are Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance, and the Indomitable Spirit. The Tenets govern behavior within the dojang. At the beginning of his martial arts career, a student is introduced to the Tenets and is asked to abide by them. As she progresses through the ranks, she is asked to re-examine the Tenets and practice them in her life in and outside of the dojang. At each level of Black Belt, a student is asked to write about the Tenets and how they influence his life.

The Leadership in Action forms formalize our process. The 4-to-6 year-old LIA form emphasizes the first Tenet – Courtesy. The form for older students includes Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and the Indomitable Spirit, as well as Courtesy.

Leadership in Action – How It Works 

Step One
Young people look for opportunities at home, at school and in their community to demonstrate courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and the indomitable spirit.

Step Two
They consult with a parent, teacher or other caring adult to fill out the form – one tenet per form. The adult signs the form as an affirmation. The adult is not required to witness the behavior to sign the form. Please acknowledge, approve and talk about other opportunities. Young people need concrete rewards. Remind them that each completed LIA form is a step forward in their belt advancement.

Step Three
Bring the form to class and give it to the Program Leader.

Leadership in Action – Forms 

For 4 to 6 Year Old Students
LIA 4-6

For 7 Year Old and Older Students
LIA7 and older

Print the Leadership in Action Goals Process
LIA Goals Process

Thank you from all of us at Connelly’s Academy for the opportunity to help make a positive impact in the lives of your children. We know that with consistent effort, regular class attendance and your active support, your child will be successful in Connelly’s Academy.