School Taekwon-do Club Parent Information

Dear Parents,

The mission of Connelly’s Academy is to keep the Martial Art Taekwon-do, with its traditional values and benefits, available on a long term basis to everyone in our community. We have succeeded in that mission over the last 20 years because of the dedication of the Instructors, the partnerships with valued local service organizations and most importantly, the support of the community.

Connelly’s Academy School Taekwon-Do program provides our young people with long term, professional martial art instruction in a safe, non-competitive environment. Kids have fun while developing focus, strength, character and respect for self and others. All classes will be taught by specially trained and experienced Youth Program Leaders of Connelly’s Academy of Martial Arts.

Classes are held after, or sometimes before school for one hour once per week. Additional training opportunities for advanced and / or highly motivated students are available evenings and weekends through Evanston Recreation, McGaw YMCA, Lifetime Fitness and other locations.

Children are taught to be mindful of the three rules of Taekwon-do important to a true Martial Artist :

First – Be Respectful. We succeed in Taekwon-do and life, based on the trust and quality of our relationships. Martial Artists are mindful of others in both words and deeds.

Second – Be Safe. Our bodies have intrinsic power that martial art training allows us to channel. We are obligated to use that power wisely, not to hurt ourselves, or our training partners. We have an obligation to protect ourselves, from harm but we never use our skills to punish people who anger us.

Third – Try Your Best. Authentic martial art skills are not easily mastered. It requires a consistent effort over time. Our standards are high and no doubt they will hear about programs that promote people to advanced belts very quickly. True confidence and self-respect are the reward for those who persevere and eventually earn their ranks.

To contact Grandmaster Connelly for additional information call 847-568–0912.


See the class schedule to see participating schools.