Choong Moo

1st Gup
Black Stripe pattern

The given name of the great Admiral Yi Sun Sin of the Yi Dynasty. He was reputed to have invented, in 1592 AD, the first armored battleship (“kobulson”, turtle ship) which was the precursor of the present-day submarine. The fact that this pattern ends up with the left hand attack symbolizes his regrettable death having no chance to show his unrestrained potential, checked by the forced reservation of his loyalty to the king (1545-1598). 30 moves.




1. 1/4 turn left, back stance, knife-hand twin block,
2. Step forward walking stance, right knife-hand strike and left head block with open palm facing out,
3. 1/2 turn right, back stance, right knife-hand guarding block,
4. Step forward, walking stance, left finger thrust with open palm facing down and right fist ending at side at belt level,
5. 1/4 turn left, back stance, left knife-hand guarding block,
6. Lift right leg up and execute a side kick
7. Return to same left back stance knife-hand guarding block,
8. Take one step forward, then execute a right jumping side kick (left leg up, kick with right leg), landing in left back stance, knife hand guarding block
9. 1/4 turn left, back stance, left down-block,
10. Shift to walking stance, grab opponent’s head with both hands,
11. Bring hands down to meet rising right knee attack
12. Place right foot next to left, then 1/2 turn left, stepping forward with left foot walking stance, right reverse knife-hand strike with left palm facing down beneath right elbo
13. Right roundhouse kick
14. Left leg spinning reverse side kick in same direction
15. 1/2 turn right, back stance, forearm guarding block (right fighting stance
16. 90-degree left roundhouse kick
17. Place left foot next to right foot, move right foot forward into back stance, U- shaped pole block,
18. Jump and make 1 full turn in the air, landing in same spot in back stance, with right knife-hand guarding block,
19. Step forward walking stance, right low finger thrust with open palm up, left palm facing down above right bicep,
20. Holding position, close right palm and pull up and back to a back fist, while left hand closes and moves to a down-bloc
21. Step forward walking stance, right finger thrust, open palm facing left, open left palm facing down beneath right elbow,
22. 1 /4 turn left to walking stance double push block,
23. 1/4 turn left to right side sitting stance, middle forearm front block with right hand.
24. Hold position, right back fist, sitting stance
25.1/2 turn left, right side kick foot dow
26. Left side kick
27. 1/2 turn right back stance, double knife hand x- block
28. Move to walking stance, double upward palm block,
29. 1/2 turn right, walking stance right forearm rising block
30. Hold position, left front punch

Left foot returns to ready stance